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Inspection Tips for R44 C014-17 Pop-Out Floats

December 20, 2011

Channel Islands Helicopters Tests R44 Pop-Out Floats The annual roll-out inspection or the 3 year pop inspection of the r44 floats used to be a major wrestling match… my arms and shoulders would be sore for a few days afterward, then  I learned a few basics tricks!   First is that a helicopter maintenance dolly is essential. Having […]

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New Design R44 Boost Pump

September 20, 2011
Robinson Helicopter Auxililary Fuel Pump KI-206-3-4

Robinson Helicopter Company  has finally developed a solution to the fuel boost  pump issue that has plagued Robinson R44 II Helicopters for the past 5 years– a complete new design to update the old D743-1 aux fuel pumps and the D743-2 shielded aux pumps for the Police version of the Raven II. The new part […]

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