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Robinson Helicopter Auxililary Fuel Pump KI-206-3-4

R44 Aux Fuel Pump KI-206-3-4

Robinson Helicopter Company  has finally developed a solution to the fuel boost  pump issue that has plagued Robinson R44 II Helicopters for the past 5 years– a complete new design to update the old D743-1 aux fuel pumps and the D743-2 shielded aux pumps for the Police version of the Raven II.

The new part numbers are D743-3 for the normal R44 Raven II, and D743-4 for the shielded R44 Police helicopter version. Kit instructions directly from the Robinson Helicopter Company are available for review below, and insider intelligence suggests that the pumps will be more reasonably priced  than the old unit. 

When ordering  pumps from Robinson Helicopter Parts  please use the p/n KI-206-3 for the standard pump, or KI-206-4 for the police version.  Unfortunately, there is a relatively long lead time of several weeks due to the demand across the entire fleet of R44 II helicopters,  so no discounts are available at the already reduced list price. The Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 engine needs the boost pump to function properly for priming and starting, then the engine requires the aux fuel pump to run continuously during normal flight conditions. 

With this new pump design R44 helicopter operators worldwide will no longer experience the  AOG situations associated with flickering aux pump lights and popping circuit breakers.

Download the Robinson R44 KI-206-3-4 Aux Fuel Pump Kit Instructions

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