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Regain control over long lead times, stay on budget and improve cash flow ahead of your next overhaul 

Rotorcorp is pleased to announce the launch of our dedicated Engine and Overhaul Kit reservation Program designed for Robinson R44 operators approaching 2200/2400 hours.  Moving into 2024, it is likely that long and unpredictable manufacturer lead times for airframe kits and engines will continue to be a wildcard for Robinson owners. The new reality is that this means more waiting and guesswork for delivery of your mission-critical overhaul components

With our managed approach, Rotorcorp stands in line for you- our customer. Not only do we handle the wait, but you get hassle-free, cost-effective and on-time delivery of your helicopter parts anywhere in the world! Earlier this year, Rotorcorp committed $3.5M to secure the production slots of more than 18 Lycoming factory O-540 and IO-540 engines with deliveries beginning in February 2024 and a total of 60 engines  delivering through the end of 2025. If your R44 is coming due for overhaul during this window, the time to start planning is now.

How Do I Get Started? 

With the anticipated start date of your overhaul service in mind, review our available positions from the table below. Identify the position featuring your desired Lycoming factory exchange engine (IO-540 or O-540), condition (Overhauled or Rebuilt “Zero Time”), specified airframe overhaul kit*, and delivery date.  Simply click on the “inquire” button next to your desired position and send us a quick note to let us know you would like someone from our our expert customer service team to contact you with details! We’ll be in touch shortly to answer any questions and discuss the next steps to move foreword with your reservation! 

*Note: If a position indicates “engine only” in the Airframe OH Kit column, it means there is no longer adequate time to place an overhaul kit order for arrival in coordination with the engine delivery time. This position is being offered with only the engine and will not require overhaul kit purchase.

Please see additional notes and frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page beneath the position listings.

Rotorcorp Lycoming Engine Positions and Status

Position Reference NumberPosition StatusPosition Delivery DateEngine Model (Short)Engine ConditionInquire
6925-BSold 6/21/2024O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
6925-ASold 3/1/2024O-540OverhauledInquire
7898Sold 3/12//2024O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7420Available 5/16/2024IO-540OverhauledInquire
7421Reserved 6/25/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7422Reserved 7/22/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7423No Longer Available8/1/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7424No Longer Available8/6/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7425No Longer Available8/20/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7426Available 9/16/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7427Reserved 9/25/2024IO-540OverhauledInquire
7428Reserved 11/7/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7429Available 11/1/2024IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7430Available 8/15/2024IO-540OverhauledInquire
7432Available 1/15/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7433Available 1/15/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7519Available 6/10/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
7520Available 6/12/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7522Available 7/11/2025IO-540OverhauledInquire
7523Available 7/28/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7524Available 7/15/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7525Available 7/11/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7526Available 7/28/2025IO-540OverhauledInquire
7527Available 10/14/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7528Available 6/13/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7529Available 7/14/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
7995Available 6/5/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7996Available 6/6/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
7997Available 7/29/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
8001Available 10/3/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
7999Available 10/3/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
8000Available 10/13/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
7998Available 10/13/2025O-540OverhauledInquire
8002Available 12/24/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
8003Available 12/24/2025IO-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire
8004Available 12/19/2025IO-540OverhauledInquire
8005Available 12/19/2025O-540Rebuilt "Zero Time"Inquire

Frequently Asked Questions


What will the process look like after I contact Rotorcorp? 

Reserving your engine is super easy! After we receive your inquiry, a member of our customer service team will contact you.  First we’ll confirm all of the details for your desired position, then we will outline a basic quote for the engine, specific airframe overhaul kit details, any additional provisions or spares to accompany your overhaul kit and core fees.  Don’t worry about every detail about the overhaul kit now, we’ll have plenty of time to finalize these items later in the process.  You’ll review your quote and if you like it, we will ask you sign our reservation agreement and make a fully refundable security deposit (Usually about $5000) to hold your position.

While your engine is in process, Rotorcorp continuously monitors lead times for your specific overhaul kit out of Robinson, and at the appropriate time,  we inform you when the order for your kit needs to be placed to coincide with delivery of your reserved engine position. 

When its time for to place the overhaul kit order, we’ll review your preliminary quote and  work with you to prepare a finalized quote for the appropriate overhaul kit configured to your specific ship along with any other provisions needed to complete  2200 hour service (engine buildup kits, tail cones, interior items, service bulletin items).   Your final quote will reflect our highest “Group Order” discount tier, ensuring you get our most competitive pricing.

Rotorcorp will send over the final quote for your review. If you like what you see, then we’ll ask you to submit payment for the first 50% of the order total (less the deposit amount).  In the event you’re not satisfied with your quote, or your circumstances have changed for any reason, then we simply refund your entire engine deposit with no questions asked and no further obligation from you. 

Once we receive the first 50% payment, all funds become non-refundable and you’re committing to make the final 50% payment at the agreed time- currently about 3-4 months from when the overhaul kit order is submitted. Following receipt of the final payment, Rotorcorp will contact you to begin arranging shipping details, 8130 inspections and other handling items.  We will be happy to arrange shipping on your behalf almost anywhere in the word, or you can make your own pickup at our Atlanta or Los Angeles facilities. Because of the long lead times involved, all engine and overhaul kit reservations are quoted with “EXWORKS” delivery- this means that unless we make other formal shipping arrangements with you, your goods will be made availably for pickup on our warehouse loading dock, that Rotorcorp is not responsible for delivery the goods, and our liability ends once the goods are made available for pickup. 

I have a Robinson R22, but don’t see any O-320 or O-360 positions, can you help me? 

Of course we would be happy to help!  Because both engine and overhaul kit lead times are so much longer for the R44 than the R22, because the number of R22 overhauls are smaller relative to the number of R44 overhauls, and because our resources are limited, our initial focus has been on providing solutions to the R44.  If you have an R22 approaching overhaul, we would be more than happy to create a position under the reservation program for you!

I don’t see the exact engine I need, Can I still use the Reservation Program? 

Yes! Rotorcorp has pre-purchased engine positions based on our forecast demand for certain engine models, condition and delivery date. We are happy to arrange a customized position for you, however, it is likely that you will need to wait for the full length of the current lead time at that point in time. Currently our new positions have a 14-16 month lead times. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you!  Also, if a published delivery date is just short of your anticipated deadline, contact us directly as we may be able offer another solution.

Is the Security Deposit Refundable?

Yes, your security deposit is fully refundable for any reason until the overhaul kit order is finalized and the first 50% payment is made.  After we finalize your engine and overhaul kit order and the first payment is made, all payments become non-refundable and you are committing to make the final 50% payment at the agreed time.

Does My Reservation include Shipping Charges?

No. Because of the long lead times and changing shipping rates, all reservations and orders are quoted EXWORKS, that is without shipping charges included.  Of course at the appropriate time in the process, Rotorcorp will be happy to provide you with rate quotes for shipping, and we will be happy to coordinate shipping for you for an additional cost. You are also free to arrange your own shipping from the Rotorcorp facilities in Los Angeles or Atlanta.

Can I handle my own shipping?

Absolutely! As the delivery date approaches, we’ll reach out to you about shipping coordination. Just let us know that you’ll handle your own shipping and we will provide all necessary commercial documents needed.

Do you still have questions about the Engine and Overhaul Kit Reservation Program? Please feel free to send us a not by clicking HERE