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Robinson Helicopter Overhaul Kit R7351 R7951 R7543 R8209 R8210Rotorcorp has received price updates for Robinson R22 Beta, Beta II, R44 Astro, Raven I and Raven II  field overhaul kits today!  Still nothing on R66 Overhaul Kits- maybe next year.   While the new pricing for parts arrived last week (check our site soon for updates) the overhaul kit prices have still not been posted to the Robinson Helicopter Company Site- we offer you an exclusive first look here!

In an effort to provide our customers with all of the knowledge they need to make their decision, we have prepared a detailed packet for each model of Robinson Helicopter.  Each packet linked below includes an overview of each OH kit that is comprised of the Field Overhaul Component Kit, Refundable Core Charge, Engine Build-Up Kit and optional Interior Overhaul Kit.  We have also included a list of the full kit contents for each model.  Please take a moment to select your model below to download your information today!

Note To R44 Operators: We have placed a special notification page in the overhaul kit packets for each R44 model helicopter relating to Service Bulletin 78 Fuel Bladder Tank Kit (KI-196-1 and KI-196-2).  Compliance with SB-78 should be completed no later than December 31st, 2014.  Many Operators are coordinating the installation of the bladder kits with overhaul of thier aircraft.  Rotorcorp suggests customers allocate a 60 day lead time when ordering thier overhaul kits.  It should be noted that the lead time for  KI-196 bladder kits is SIGNIFICANTLY longer than for than the lead time for your overhaul kit and if you desire to coordinate this kit installation with overhaul, we suggest ordering the bladders an additional 60 days prior to the time of kit order.

Rotorcorp is placing an overhaul kit order with Robinson on February 15th.  For current discounts or questions about ordering, please call us today at   404-424-9105.  The more kits we place on one order, the larger the discounts to each customer on that order.  If you are overhualing your Robinson Helicopter before May/June 2012, please call today to recieve the maximum discount (not reflected on standard pricing below).

2012 Overhaul Kit Contents & Pricing: