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As the premier provider of Robinson helicopter parts to a worldwide customer base of Robinson helicopter owners, operators, and maintainers, Rotorcorp prides itself on being a transparent provider of critical industry updates. 

If you’re nearing time for an overhaul of an R22, R44, or R66 helicopter, the following news about extended lead times warrants your attention.

Robinson Overhaul Kits Lead Times:

As of August 2023, Robinson Helicopter Company has stated that maintainers should anticipate extended estimated lead times for overhaul kits. Overhaul kit lead times range between 16 to 26 weeks and could stretch further. 

Additionally, Rotorcorp’s historical experience has shown that lead times tend to increase as the end of the year approaches. The year-end delays are often driven by budget considerations, tax issues, and annual price hikes that tend to hit at the beginning of the calendar year. When factoring those in, it’s wise to expect an additional 2-4 weeks of lead time as the end of the year draws near. 

Extended lead times are impacting the aviation space, as Aviation Pros has reported. That doesn’t improve the new reality, but proper planning is the key to minimizing disruptions.

R22 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*
R44 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*
R66 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*

* Lead Times Estimates Are Subject to Change and Are Not Guaranteed

Lycoming Engine Lead Times: 

Anyone needing a Lycoming engine for an R22 or R44 should brace themselves for a much longer wait. Lycoming sent a letter to its partners stating that as of July 2023, “Engine lead-times until further notice will be fourteen (14) months.

In the partner letter, Lycoming wrote, “The global supply chain and workforce dynamics experienced during and post-pandemic continue to evolve and drive risk across our business. We recognize the inconvenience this is causing and want to assure you we are taking aggressive steps to resolve the delays and missed commitments.”

Keeping up with these timelines will be essential if you want to minimize Aircraft on the Ground. (AOG). 

We advise using an online tool like Google Calendar because you can add the dates to order your OH Kits and Engines in it, and then it can be configured to send reminders to you and your team. If you have a wall calendar in your hanger, be sure to calculate when your aircraft will need to be overhauled, and then count back the number of weeks or months ahead of time that you should place the orders. 

Alternatively, create a spreadsheet modeled on the following. Add additional lines if you have multiple Robinson helicopters or keep track of OH Kits and Lycoming engines for each in your fleet. 

Aircraft  Current Lead Time Aircraft  Expected Lead Time
  • Engine Order Timing: Factor in the 14-month lead time and place your order accordingly. Make your best estimates based on the aircraft’s prior flight hours and anticipated usage. 
  • Overhaul Kit Order Timing: Do the same with overhaul kits, using Robinson’s latest lead time estimates.
  • Considerations: Lead time estimates are subject to change, so be sure you’re using current estimates. We also recommend that you order what you need early enough to avoid a potential AOG and try to time your orders so that both the OH Kit and a needed engine arrive roughly simultaneously. 

Rotorcorp’s Pledge to Uninterrupted Skies: Rotorcorp understands that for most of our customers, flight-worthy helicopters are a critical part of their business operations.

We’re actively working with Robinson Helicopter Company and Lycoming to advocate for our customers. At the same time, we’re looking internally to develop processes that we feel can streamline some of the complexities stemming from these extended lead times. 

Extended lead times pose challenges, but by taking them into account when nearing an overhaul for their Robinson fleets, customers can mitigate delays and keep flying.

Mike Gomez

Mike Gomez is an aerospace engineer by training. He's performed in this capacity for the U.S. Navy (civilian) and Boeing. Mike was also an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He is both a fixed wing and helicopter pilot. Mike has over 10 years of experience leading military jet (F-15, F-16, F/A-18) and transport aircraft (C-130J) sales to foreign allies for aerospace giants, Boeing and Lockheed. He has worked with customers in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. His sales record exceeds $10B. After leaving Lockheed in 2002, Mike founded the firm, Allegro Consulting. Here he advised small business owners and startups founders on strategic planning, sales process, and go-to-market strategies. This is where he first started working with Sean Casey and his team at Rotorcorp. Fast forward to 2023, when Mike joined Rotorcorp as VP of Strategic Growth. Mike's role is wide ranging, from new business development, business partnerships, and strategic plan execution. Mike is an avid mountain biker and runner, loves to cook, and do anything outdoors.