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Easy Wheels for Robinson R22, R44, and R66 Helicopters

Designed by Dutch Engineer and Robinson pilot Fred Willems, Helicopter Easy Wheels are sleek, light, and rugged.   Originally custom-made for Robinson R22, R44, and R66 helicopters, the solid rubber wheels drastically reduce rolling resistance on hard surfaces while eliminating the potential of a flat tire.

The precision-machined oversized aluminum cam body does away with clunky welds and the tight tolerance of the threaded handle assembly results in a superior solution that can only be described as sexy– you will just want to put your hands on these wheels!

Since the worldwide release of the original Helicopter Easy Wheels for the Robinson fleet, the product line has expanded to include an improved polyurethane “Heavy Duty” or HD tire version which performs even better under heavy use and over uneven terrain, as well as new wheel models custom tailored for additional aircraft such as the Guimbal Cabri, and MD 500 series helicopters.  Select from the drop-down filter below to see the options and configurations available for your aircraft.

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