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Rotorcorp is pleased to share that our company has been named as one of 11 winners of the 2023 President’s “E” Award for exports. Created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, the award is presented to companies in the United States which have significantly contributed to increasing U.S. exports. 

To qualify for the “E” Award, a company must show four years of successive export growth in one or more international markets. Rotorcorp was able to demonstrate that we had seen such international export growth, and we’re thrilled to join the ten other “E” Award recipients of this honor.

In her letter announcing that Rotorcorp was named a winner of the award, the United States Secretary of Commerce commented on why Rotorcorp was named a winner. 

“The ‘E’ Awards Committee was impressed with Rotorcorp’s record of export sales to more than 45 international markets. The company’s commitment to eCommerce development to facilitate international sales was also particularly notable,” Secretary Raimondo wrote.

While the criteria to be named an “E” Award winner is focused on the past four years of growth, we have been working on growing international sales since our inception. Rotorcorp was always intended to be a global company. 

We felt in 2011, as we do today in 2023, that offering the Robinson helicopter community discounted parts, engines, overhaul kits, tools, and accessories would resonate with customers across the planet as much as within our own country.

The numbers have proved that to be true. Today, international sales accounts for nearly half of Rotorcorp’s business. While the numbers may be impressive, they only tell part of the story. 

A Virtual Parts Department Combined with Advanced Logistics 

Customers in more than 45 countries rely on Rotorcorp to serve as their virtual parts department for Robinson helicopters. Our initial appeal may have been the discounted R22, R44, and R66 parts, engines, and overhaul kits. Yet it’s been responsive, knowledgable customer service combined with advanced shipping and logistics capabilities that have been the foundation on which we’ve built many long-term relationships.

Over 90% of Rotorcorp’s customers are businesses, organizations, governments, or municipalities that rely on Robinson helicopters for mission-critical functions. A flight school or a tour operator can’t make money if their aircraft are grounded. A commercial fishing operation needs theirs in the air so they can send the fishing boats to the best location. An agricultural company can’t aerial spray its crops efficiently without a means to fly.

Similarly, police and fire departments can be handicapped without the helicopters they need in the air to provide tactical or logistical support. First responders may not be able to reach a victim in need or transport them quickly without their Robinsons.

It’s Rotorcorp’s mission to keep all of these aircraft flying by delivering the parts they need. 

As an example of this commitment, last year the Uruguay National Police awarded a contract to Rotorcorp, which included some major Robinson components as well as engines from Lycoming. Faced with extended lead times from both Robinson and Lycoming, Rotorcorp worked with leadership at both Robinson Helicopter Company and Lycoming to drastically reduce the time that Uruguay’s critical public safety aircraft would be AOG (Aircraft on the Ground).

“We are very pleased with how Rotorcorp advocated on our behalf”, said Mr. Eduardo Cheker, Director of Aviation for the Uruguay National Police. “They helped deliver the items we needed on time and helped keep our public safety helicopter fleet mission ready.” 

Bi-Lingual Customer Support and a Multi-Lingual Website and Store

While English may be the “language of aviation”, Rotorcorp’s customer service team includes Abel Morales, fluent in English and Spanish. Our customers in Latin America can call or email us in Spanish knowing that Abel can respond in kind. 

Online, our language support has increased. While customers could always use a translation tool like Google Translate to view pages in their native language, it was difficult for non-English-speaking persons to find Rotorcorp by an online search in their native language. To that end, the Rotorcorp website and online store are now available to global customers in nine languages other than English:

Each of these versions of the Rotorcorp website has been indexed by Google. This makes it easy for a customer in South America to search for Robinson helicopter parts in Spanish or Portuguese, and get language-specific results that lead to the translated version of the website. This same functionality is also available for customers who prefer one of the other supported languages. 

Thank You

Growing Rotorcorp from an idea to being able to win the “E” Award for Exports in just over a decade has been gratifying. Our success couldn’t have been achieved without your support and trust over the years. Thank you for everything!

We’re both humbled and gratified for your loyalty and business and will continue to work to exceed your expectations with the goal to help you to keep flying.

Bill Sengstacken

Bill Sengstacken is VP of Marketing at Rotorcorp.