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Shop For Your Robinson Helicopter OH Kit

R22, R44, and R66 Overhaul Kits with Discounted Pricing

Order your R22, R44, or R66 overhaul kit at a discount from Rotorcorp. Our buying power and logistics capabilities allow us to deliver discounted factory-spec overhaul kits to virtually any location on the planet.

That means you get the same quality parts for your overhaul while saving thousands of dollars.

Get a quote by calling +1 404-424-9105

Please factor in current lead times for R22, R44, or R66 overhaul kits before placing your order. Estimated lead times are subject to change and are not guaranteed. All RSCs are faced with the same lead times from Robinson Helicopter Company.

Current Overhaul Kit Lead Times

Per RHC Customer Service as of 15 March, 2024

R22 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*
R44 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*
R66 Overhaul Kits
Week Lead Time*

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Still not sure where to begin? Grab a copy of Rotorcorp’s free White Paper, “8 Things You Should Know Before Overhauling Your Robinson Helicopter