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Standard Group Order Policies Restored

October 09, 2020

In March 2020, Rotorcorp temporarily revised its group order policies in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and to accommodate extended lead times stemming from the partial closure and slowdowns at Robinson Helicopter Company. These changes included “rolling group order” submittals and the ability for customers to place an order with a 50% deposit.

In the time since these changes were put in place, Robinson Helicopter Company has fully re-opened and has worked diligently to reduce lead times for major components and overhaul kits. While not yet back to pre-covid levels, global economies and international supply chains are regaining normalcy.

Effective 1 October, 2020 Rotorcorp has restored its standard group order policies requiring full payment in advance for all orders, and restoring pre-scheduled group orders with a set strike date for submittal of the orders to Robinson Helicopter Company for processing.

We remain grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers around the world through these difficult times and are optimistic for an improved climate for 2021. Rotorcorp is committed to continued adherence to our COVID-19 Response Plan and public health guidance to keep our team and customers safe and healthy for the duration of this event.