Revised Group Order Policy During COVID-19 Response

March 27, 2020

Revised Rotorcorp Group Order Policy During COVID-19 Response

Current Situation:

The Robinson helicopter is a valuable tool that is widely used by essential operators like first responders, law enforcement, and militaries, as well as critical industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, oil & gas, and commercial fishing. These operators help keep us safe, keep food on the table and keep the lights on. Rotorcorp currently counts these essential and critical operators among the more than one thousand customers served by the company in over 45 countries around the world. 

Rotorcorp remains committed to serving the needs of these critical and essential customers wherever they are located.  As of March 23, 2020, we have begun operating under “Critical Industry” guidance by the US. Department of Homeland Security (Click Here for Details).  Combined with our COVID-19 Plan to keep our team healthy and productive, we are also making some changes to our ordering procedures to ensure that we continue to provide as much value and service to customers as possible.

In response to the COVID-19 worldwide epidemic it is possible that Robinson Helicopter Company may significantly curtail operations, or in a worst case scenario, shut down completely. As of March, 23, Robinson announced a reduction of operations that will bring delays and increased lead times for new orders. 

Group Order Changes: 

Rotorcorp’s “Scheduled Group Orders” provide our customers an opportunity to place high-dollar orders for major items like overhaul kits and main rotor blades together with orders from other customers for additional savings over our standard discounting.  Traditionally, these Group Orders are executed on a pre-scheduled strike date (i.e. April 15th) and all participants on that order who have paid will have their order submitted to Robinson for processing. These scheduled orders have generally taken place about once per month and the order amount often far exceeds the minimum needed for the discount to apply. 

Effective immediately,  Rotorcorp’s “Scheduled Group Orders” will be replaced by “Rolling Group Orders”.  This means that as soon as Rotorcorp receives sufficient orders to qualify for the additional discount tier, then we will immediately submit all participating orders- regardless of the date.  This model will increase the frequency of our large orders while still giving the preferential pricing our customers are accustomed to. It is our hope that the increased frequency will reduce the likelihood of orders being submitted to Rotorcorp which then in turn may not be processed or accepted by Robinson, in the event of adverse action. 

As a result of this shift, your discount as a customer will change from an additional 3% over our everyday discount, to an additional 2%.  We strongly feel that the advantages gained by moving more swiftly towards order confirmation will significantly justify the slight pricing adjustment.  

Place Your Large Order With Just 50% Down:

During this period, and until further notice Rotorcorp will accept and process all qualifying group orders with a 50% deposit.  We fully realize that your cash flow is critical, and balancing that need with mandatory maintenance needs is essential.  As processing times slow and lead times extend during Robinson’s scaled back operations, we think there is a very real value to being able to keep more cash in your pocket to fuel your operations.  Some restrictions and other requirements are necessary. Please contact us directly for details.

For customers with pending quotes, please contact your Rotorcorp sales representative to receive a revised quote.  Once you have approved the purchase and are able to move the funds, Rotorcorp will immediately confirm receipt of payment. 

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during these unparalleled times.