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Rotorcorp Provides Overhaul Exchange RR300 Starter Generator
RR30000412 Starter Generator RR300

Big news for Robinson R66 owners – Rotorcorp is now offering the RR300 Starter Generator with an overhaul/exchange purchase option! Previously, only factory new was available from the exclusive vendor for Rolls Royce parts – at a cost of over $25,000. Rotorcorp now provides a certified overhaul exchange option for a fraction of that amount.

Robinson Helicopter Company first introduced its new R66 turbine engine 5-passenger aircraft in November of 2010, and since then has delivered over 690 units featuring the Rolls Royce 300 engine. Robinson’s commitment to the R66 was strengthened even further when Kurt Robinson inked a deal with Rolls Royce at HAI 2015 to purchase 10,000 more RR300 engines over the next decade, pretty much guaranteeing we’ll see at least a thousand new R66s join the fleet per year.

5 years later, the R66 is starting to come of age – in terms of needing more serious maintenance than your basic 100HR service. As requests for spare parts and tooling increase, here at Rotorcorp we are solving demand issues for Rolls Royce compatible parts — from offering the RR30000412 as an overhaul/exchange to stocking Rolls Royce 300 parts on our shelf for immediate shipment to discovering alternative vendors for hard to find tooling — we are striving to stay ahead of the Robinson R66 maintenance curve.

Give us a call today to discuss availability for all the Robinson helicopter parts as well as Rolls Royce parts to keep your R66 in the air, as well as your R44 and R22 aircraft. Chances are, we’ve already done the research to solve your supply issues!