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Maximize Robinson Helicopter Parts Discounts

Rotorcorp Combines Large Customer Orders into one Group Order

More than 3,000 Robinson helicopter owners, operators, and maintainers in over 45 countries worldwide trust Rotorcorp to deliver discounted R22, R44, and R66 parts to virtually any location on the planet.

While we’re happy to offer discount pricing for any Robinson part, Rotorcorp customers can gain even bigger discounts when placing an order in excess of $30,000.

Rotorcorp’s Monthy Group Orders Can Save You More Money

Customers placing an order in excess of $30,000 (not counting core deposits or shipping and handling) can take part in a Rotorcorp Group Order. Group Orders have us combining a group of large customer orders into one big order. Doing so means that we gain the largest available discount from Robinson Helicopter Company. We then share these savings with the group.

Strength in Numbers

Of the more than 10,0000 Robinson helicopters in active service today, nearly all of them are flown by small operators with fewer than five aircraft, many with just one or two.  While airlines and large MRO’s in other segments of the aviation industry can leverage their size for more advantageous pricing with suppliers, this fragmented market can make it difficult for small operators to realize similar savings.

By combining your large order with large orders from other customers, Rotorcorp can then secure the largest possible discounts available, which means significant savings for you.

Rotorcorp Group Orders Save You Money

How to Participate in a Group Order

Group Order opportunities are offered once per month. To participate in a Group Order, you will need to call Rotorcorp, or send an email outlining what you seek to buy. Group Orders are not available online.

How Does Rotorcorp Get These Discounts?

Robinson Helicopter Company offers all Robinson Service Centers a “Service Center” discount. This is in recognition of the costs to maintain the standards necessary to receive their Service Center certification. Generally, a service center will charge their customers the list price on the parts, with the expectation that they will also perform the work for the customer. The difference between what they pay and what they charge adds to their profits.

But many Robinson helicopter owner/operators are more than capable of doing the work – they don’t need to utilize a service center to do the service, they just need the parts. While some service centers might sell you parts at list price, that would be like going to a mechanic to buy parts instead of an auto parts store.

Moreover, many of our international customers do not have nearby access to a Robinson Service Center, which compounds the problem for many.

Rotorcorp Serves the Underserved

This is why Rotorcorp exists. Since our founding in 2011, our single focus is to provide Robinson owner/operators and maintainers with the R22, R44, and R66 parts, engines, overhaul kits, tools, and accessories they need to keep flying, all at the best possible price. Over 3,000 customers from more than 45 different countries count on Rotorcorp’s global reach. Our advanced shipping and logistics capabilities mean that we can ship parts anywhere on the planet (barring any USA trade sanctions).

Group Order opportunities occur once per month. To be sure that you’re in the loop, first register for a Rotorcorp account (if you haven’t already), and then click here to be added to the Group Order mailing list.

Hellen Kellar famously said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” With Rotorcorp Group Orders, together we can SAVE so much!