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While Rotorcorp is gratified to be named as one of eleven 2023 winners of the President’s “E” Award for exports, we realize that many people may not be aware of its history and meaning.

The “E” Award for Exports was created by executive order of President John F. Kennedy in 1961. The award was conceived as a means to recognize persons, firms, or organizations which contribute significantly to the effort to increase U.S. exports.President Kennedy Signs Executive Order Authorizing the "E' Awards.

Presented annually since 1962, each year, the Department of Commerce selects companies and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional performance in exporting goods made in the United States to international customers.

The “E” Award’s purpose is to serve as a symbol of excellence and achievement in international trade. Winners are chosen based on their export growth, innovation, market development, and their contribution to the overall expansion of U.S. exports.

While many companies have applied to be recognized for their work in exports, the vetting process is rigorous. The first step is to complete an application where a company must describe its business, the market research conducted by the business, its international sales model, as well as any relevant government or industry events the company participates in. 

Further questions revolve around how employees are trained on exporting, what multilingual support is provided, strategies developed to increase international sales, and how increasing exports have impacted employment at the company.

Next, the company is required to compile and share detailed financial information that shows consistent year-over-year export growth over a period of four consecutive years. 

Finally, the company must gain the support of its local US Trade representative and their sign-off on the application.

All of this information is then submitted to the US Department of Commerce where a select committee vets the applications and then chooses the finalists. The finalists submitted financial information is then reviewed by the US Internal Revenue Service, where any discrepancies are flagged. Companies are given the opportunity to rectify these discrepancies before the final selection process.

Only a handful of applying companies and organizations are ultimately selected for the award. In 2023, a total of 11 companies and organizations were named winners of the “E” Award for Exports. Rotorcorp is both humbled and honored to be selected as a recipient of this year’s award.

Bill Sengstacken

Bill Sengstacken is VP of Marketing at Rotorcorp.