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KI-196-1 and KI-196-2 Bladder Fuel Tanks Being Built at Robinson Factory

KI-196-1 and KI-196-2 Bladder Fuel Tanks Being Constructed  at Robinson Helicopter Factory

Are you one of the hold outs on retrofitting your Robinson R44 Helicopter with bladder fuel tanks in compliance with Service Bulletin 78B?  This service bulletin requires R44 Astro, Raven I and Raven II helicopters with all-aluminum fuel tanks to be outfitted with bladder-type tanks  to improve the fuel system’s resistance to a post-accident fuel leak, this retrofit must be performed as soon as possible but not later than April 30th 2013.

Rebate Update: On January 13th 2013, Robinson Helicopter Company announced a $1,000 rebate program for bladder fuel tank retrofits that are purchased and installed by the April 30th, 2013.  Designed to encourage timely compliance and lessen the financial burden on operators, the rebate program was successful but had the effect of creating a significant backlog of orders for the tanks that has exceeded 8 weeks.

While the deadline for ordering the bladder tanks to qualify for the rebate remains April 30th, 2013; Robinson  has extended the installation portion of the rebate program to a period of 90 days from when the order has shipped from the factory- regardless of the lead time.