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Robinson Helicopter Revises Need for Shielded Aux Fuel Pump in ENG Aircraft

April 03, 2012

Robinson Helicopter Company KI-206-3 Auxilliary Fuel Pump KI-206-4Due to continued supply shortages and spotty availability, Rotorcorp recently checked on availabilty of the KI-206-4 Auxillary Fuel Pump for use in ENG aircraft on a customer order.  We were advised by our Customer Service Representative that the shielded KI-206-4 is now being replaced by the non-shielded KI-206-3 version of the pump. 

Robinson Technical Service Representative Chris Sennet confirmed that the drastically reduced noise in the new design pump motor eliminates the need for a sheilded version and that all R44 ENG aircraft should now utilize the KI-206-3.     He stated that there was no documentation supporting this part reassignment. 

Rotorcorp currently has three of the KI-206-3 in stock, but no word from Robinson about when thier factory supply will catch up with the current 3-4 week back order.

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