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How Do You Heli? Bootcamp Lights Puts New Spin on Aerial Ads

December 20, 2011

Bootcamp Lights R22 with 36′ X 8′ Lighted Billboard Look up in the night sky on your drive I-95 or I-695 around Baltimore and you might just catch a glimpse of a lighted billboard flying through the air.  No, its not a scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind , it is Bootcamp Lights!  Baltimore […]

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Inspection Tips for R44 C014-17 Pop-Out Floats

Channel Islands Helicopters Tests R44 Pop-Out Floats The annual roll-out inspection or the 3 year pop inspection of the r44 floats used to be a major wrestling match… my arms and shoulders would be sore for a few days afterward, then  I learned a few basics tricks!   First is that a helicopter maintenance dolly is essential. Having […]

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Robinson Builds 100th R66!

December 11, 2011

Whoever is not following Robinson Helicopter Company on Twitter (@Robinson_Heli) probably should think about doing so.  What RHC lacks in quantity of tweets, they definitely make up for in quality.  In November the RHC tweeter leaked news of the company’s 10,000th helicopter– which Rotorcorp was happy to report to our followers. Now news of the […]

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Robinson Helicopter Sees Orders Surge | Aviation International News

October 26, 2011

Robinson Helicopter Sees Orders Surge | Aviation International News. As reported by AIN, Today’s news out of Torrence, California based Robinson Helicopter Company bodes well for the reception of its latest R66 model of helicopter.  With 330 orders for the single engine turbine model, powered by a next-generation Rolls Royce RR300 engine, RHC has reportedly […]

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RotorCorp working with Apical on R66 Pop-out float STC

September 23, 2011

The Robinson R66 helicopter is not complete without a set of Pop-out floats;  that is my opinion. The best flying is beyond gliding distance from shore, and 70% of the earth is covered in water.  When I first got into the helicopter industry over twelve years ago a mentor told me that helicopters find work […]

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New Design R44 Boost Pump

September 20, 2011
Robinson Helicopter Auxililary Fuel Pump KI-206-3-4

Robinson Helicopter Company  has finally developed a solution to the fuel boost  pump issue that has plagued Robinson R44 II Helicopters for the past 5 years– a complete new design to update the old D743-1 aux fuel pumps and the D743-2 shielded aux pumps for the Police version of the Raven II. The new part […]

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