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As a Robinson helicopter operator, managing inflationary pressures when you need to buy parts, engines, or overhaul kits can be challenging. This is especially true for our international customers. Take Argentina, for example. In February, Argentina’s annual inflation rate hit 102%. For Argentinians, that means that their effective buying power has dropped dramatically.

While Argentina is an extreme example, it speaks to a larger truth: When inflation goes up, buying power comes down. 

So what can you do to mitigate inflation’s impact and get as much value for your money as possible, while at the same time ensuring that you won’t have Aircraft On Ground (AOG) that can’t fly without necessary parts?

Here are four ideas that can help you to keep flying during these economically challenging times:

  • Consolidate Orders: Try to consolidate your orders to reduce the frequency of purchases. While we’re happy to ship one or two parts as you need them, you might want to look at what you’ll need over the next few months and combine those into one large order – at a minimum that should save shipping costs.
  • Join one of our monthly Rotorcorp Group Orders: By combining several of our customers’ orders into one larger ‘group’ order, we can secure the largest possible discount from Robinson Helicopter Company, and pass savings on to you. Customers who have done this have saved thousands of dollars compared to conventional means. Learn more about how group orders save you money.
  • Request a Quote: Depending upon the size and scope of what your Robinson Helicopters need to keep flying, you may get find that requesting a quote can be a means to save. While not a guarantee, many customers have found that requesting a quote, especially for big-ticket items like engines and overhaul kits, can result in significant discounts off of list prices.

    To request a quote from Rotorcorp, download the Excel template, and fill it out with the part numbers and quantities desired. Then email it to
  • Buy Early: If you feel that inflation in your country is only going to increase, you might want to consider buying major items, like blades, engines, cylinders, and overhaul kits well in advance of when you may need them. Forecast your needs for parts and components in advance, and leverage your stronger buying power now.

While inflation has caused some pain for virtually everyone, it’s particularly painful when it impacts your ability to fly. Rotorcorp understands that cost is always a concern, which is why we crunch historical data each year to predict annual price increases for Robinson parts, and share that information with our customers. And though we can’t slow inflation we can make decisions to minimize its impact on operating costs.  

Fly safe out there.

Bill Sengstacken

Bill Sengstacken is VP of Marketing at Rotorcorp.