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Robinson Helicopter R22, R44, R66 Overhaul Kits


As we enter the final quarter of 2018, Rotorcorp is reaching out to customers with upcoming 12 year/2200 service needs as well as those customers with an approaching requirement for major components such as main rotor blades or engines for their Robinson R22, R44 or R66 helicopters.   Along with your organization’s maintenance budget considerations; factory lead times, annual price increases, group order dates and tax year expensing can play an important role in optimizing major purchases.

Robinson Factory Lead Times

Due to manufacturing delays of several main components & parts, both internal & external, Robinson has experienced a sharp increase in the lead time for the R22 and R44 OH kits over the course of 2018. These lead times rose to as long as 16-18 weeks, but the RHC production team has worked diligently to walk these lead times back to 12-14 weeks as of mid-October. The final quarter of the year is typically the busiest and Rotorcorp is forecasting that lead times will return to the 16-18 week mark though the end of Q1 2019.

Annual Price Increase

It is important to remember that Robinson publishes pricing increases each year (usually the second week in January) and that these price increases are often between 2.5 and 3% over the previous year pricing. There is a very short period at the beginning of each calendar year where the previous year pricing is still in place.  By ordering in this narrow window, it is possible to get the benefit last year’s pricing, but expense the items the current year

R22, R44, R66 Overhaul Kit Lead Time 2018

Group Orders

As one of the largest buyers of Robinson parts, Rotorcorp routinely places large orders consisting of multiple large customer orders. These “Group Orders” qualify for an additional discount from Robinson that is shared with those customers participating on the large order.  Considering the longer lead times and planning required, electing to participate in one of Rotorcorp’s scheduled Group orders is a great way to save significantly over our everyday low prices.

Our remaining Group Order dates are as follows:

November 15th   (Funds due Nov. 13th)

December 1st  (Funds due Nov. 29th)

December 12th (Funds due Dec. 10th) Final 2018 Order

January 10th (Funds due Jan. 7th) Final order with 2018 Prices.

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming year-end opportunities for your parts needs, or if you would like to discuss your options and receive a quote, please  contact Rotorcorp today! +1 404-424-9105 or

View Overhaul Kit and Engine Prices Below:

Robinson Helicopter Company R22 Overhaul KitRobinson Helicopter Company R44 Overhaul Kit

Robinson Helicopter Company R66 Overhaul Kit