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The Robinson Helicopter Company continues with successful innovation under the leadership of Kurt Robinson. During a visit to the factory last week, I noticed RHC is running several shifts of workers to keep up with the new order demand of the R66 helicopter. The certification and introduction of the R66 Police helicopter will ramp up helicopter sales and production demand even further. The R66 Police helicopter is a mission-specific “Off the Shelf” law enforcement platform with a reasonable estimate price of $1.1 million. Combined with the ease of maintenance and low operating costs of the Robinson R66, law enforcement agencies will be able to keep tight financial control of airborne assets. The success of the R66 Police helicopter is almost guaranteed, considering the Eurocopter AS 350 requires almost $1 million in modification and upgrades in addition to the base price of the aircraft, to even be suitable for the law enforcement role. The Robinson Helicopter Company promises further enhancement of the R66 helicopter with addition of a ENG version and Clipper version with pop-out floats. Keep up the excellent work RHC !

Read Robinson’s September 7th, 2012 Press Realease: FAA Certifies Robinson R66 Police Helicopter

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